June 8, 2010

Mens walking group

Hi, Thanks to who ever put the picture of our walk last Monday,It was a good walk but a little more up hill then I remember, nice view of the bay. I think we have the rest of our official walking year. Next week those that want will clean up from the Garage Sale, on the following week jun 21st we will walk behind Shawnigan Lake Estates and see if we can find the Kinsol Trestle this time. on the last walk for the summer Jun 28th we are planing the round trip to Port Rentfrew exploring a forest trail in old growth trees, we will leave at 8.30 take our lunch which we will eat in the forest some place and go out some place for supper [17 mile house?] home by 7 or 8 pm. Hopefully we can get the 15 pas van and will cost us about 5 dollars each . How's that sound? Please let me know if we should add or subtract from this trip or any other ideas thanks c u l

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