August 19, 2019

Men's Walking Group

Nine of us got together today for a walk through Manley Park and along the beach below Satellite Park Road.  We covered about 7 Km plus a little extra before we had lunch at the refurbished Cobblestone Pub.  Map and photos below.  --  DeNNis.

Parked the cars at the entrance to Manley Park below Arbutus Ridge.  Down through the park with a stop for viewing from the lookout platform, then down Grandview Way to Aros Rd . Lefran Rd and Clearwater Rd to the beach as far as Satellite Point Rd and back to the cars.

We start at Manley Creek Park.

One of Natures Planters.

Some fairly steep trails at this end.

The fuel barge wharf for the tank farm.

The lookout area above the beach.

The Granfield Way path has been widened
and improved.

An old Arbutus that will eventually land across Aros Rd.

Checking the Rotary Club  library box at the top of
Satellite Point Road.

Seen in passing - a 1953 Ford.

Dairy farm on Clearwater Road.

Back around the 1940's these Douglas Fir trees were planted in  neat rows.
Some body thought there would be a market for them.

The stairway down to the beach at the end of  Clearwater Rd.

Heading up the beach.

Looking back towards Samsom Narrows.

Another "Natures Planter".

Some bank reinforcement cutting off a stairway to the beach.

We think this is a "Nunnery" on Saltspring Island.  The camera zoom just won't do it justice.

The stairway from the beach up to Satellite Point Road.

Had to add this
sailboat shot.

The reservoir in Manley Park is full - but the water exit is closed.

While waiting for the Cobblestone Pub to open for lunch, we
had to walk up and take some apples for the horses at
Alpine Riding Stables.

And say "Hello" to the Llama.

Time for some lunch and a beverage -- we were joined by Bill Cairnes --

--  Denis Lainchbury and Bob Bennett.


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