December 4, 2017

Men's Walking Group

A cool (0 to -1 deg C), crispy morning for a stroll around the paths bordering Mill Springs.

Hopefully the map and pics tell the story.  --  DeNNis.

Parked on Deloume Rd behind Tim Hortons.  Did a counter-clockwise loop taking a trail just below the Mill Bay Water Office and following various trails bordering the Mill Springs area as shown in the photos below.

You can see the MB Water Office from where we turned off
Deloume Rd.

Natures Art.  Fungi on the
log piece beside the trail.

Pretty tough slogging up some of these hills.

Some of these trails run right beside the properties.

If you look closely that is a sitting tree.  But no one cared to sit.

Some trails are quite secluded.  Looking back down this trail
you can see some of the Mill Springs housing as shown in
the next photo.

Houses not obvious in above picture.

This tree took the shape of a snake.

There is quite a steep gulley alongside this trail.

Lots of large ferns down there.

Always interesting to see the carvings outside this home.

The view from the latest phase of Mill Springs.

Above the above street is the Mill Springs Water Tower.

You could call these Frozen Puddle Art.

Near the water tower - for those who can't afford to live in
Mill Springs.

Heading down the trail from the water tower.

The ducks don't mind the cool temperatures.

Christmas is in the air.

Guess what comes next.

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