September 25, 2017

Men's Walking Group

Only 4 of us walked the 7Km followed by lunch at the Wheatshief Pub in Cedar.  The rain didn't scare us off.  As a matter of fact we folded the umbrellas about 5 minutes into the walk.  Today was a leisurely stroll along the Duke-Jack Point waterfront and finished with a great pub lunch.  Lots of photo ops.  --  DeNNis.

Started at the parking lot (bottom right), did a clockwise loop around Jack Point (top left) and bak to the parking lot.

 First time we have seen this rock carving.

Panoramic view of the sawmill from the trail above.

A bit gray looking across the water to Nanaimo.
The faux petroglyph is still there.

Lots of scenery.  Especially the unique rock formations.

Under the natural archway.

The longest stairway, up and down.

Typical seascape.  Seagull on the rock, Jack Pt light and
BC Ferry in the distance.

Cormorant sitting on
the light.

That BC Ferry just left this dock as we walked past it.

Had to include this shot.

Down we go again.

Gabriola Ferry in the distance?

More unique rock formations.

This old carving near the start of
the walk is showing its age.

Parking lot at the other end of the tunnel.

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