December 14, 2015

Men's Walking Group

Below is my version of todays Manley Park walk.  Of course the weather co-operated and the company, as usual was great.

Parked at the entrance to Manley Park - follow the trace counter-clockwise.  Rob took us through a short extra trail near Satellite Pk (top center).
Not as much water as we expected in Manley Creek.

Some wind damage - mostly bits of branches, etc.

Manley Creek.

Unloading dock at the Tank Farm.

A good turn out - a Bakers Dozen showed up today.

The trail from Hatch Point through to Arbutus Ridge was closed
off for the month of October for improvements.

Much easier to navigate, but not as interesting.

Much wider, with no tripping hazards.

And no more stairway up to Ratcliffe Rd - Nice fence though.

Big changes at the Tank Farm - more truck bays added.

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