August 11, 2014

Men's Walking Group

So many photos - so little space.  Here are some of the shots from our Duke-Jack Point walk. - DeNNis.

Google Earth view of Duke Point Ferry Terminal. Parked in Trailhead Parking Lot (bottom near right). Our route is in blue from there up and around the 1 Km loop and back.

First of three stairways.

Faux Petroglyph.

Ten of the twelve walkers.

Up the second stairway.

Pan view of Nanaimo across from the trail.

So many interesting rock formations - not enough space to show even just a few.

Probably good that three guys are on the left end of that precarious perch - looks like it could take a tumble.

Looking up from underneath.

The third and last stairway up.

Jack Point Marker light at outer end of loop. On the left is a freighter and center is a BC Ferry.

Another example of neat rock formations.

Jack Point Marker light at end of  1 Km Loop.  To the left is a freighter and the little white blob far off to the right is a BC Ferry.

Duke Point Ferry berth and foot-passenger loading ramp.

Back near the trailhead - the tide is now a way out - big mud flat.


Just water to drink - aren't we good??

Plus a little extra something with our delicious meals - OF COURSE!!

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