January 6, 2013

Computer/Photography grp

A computer generated image.

Hello All,
Well, it is back to the old familiar routine.
On Tuesday we meet at 10:30 am again at the Legion to talk about computers.
I listed a few Links that I would like to show and have a discussion about. Some are interesting, or enlightening and even a bit concerting. If you have time check them out and if you have found some 'stuff' on the internet over the holidays, let us know about it.

If you are concerned about the trail you may behind in your computer this may be of interest:
Incognito or Private mode:

Check out Snopes if you want to find out how you may have recieved a "virus" from a freind. This one goes back to 2002.
Snopes – E card virus.
Here is another take or explanation of all the advertizing we get when surfing the net.
An Ask Leo question answered.
This is my most favourite find recently. This is a free download and then you to can make Fractals. If you want to get dizzy, Google: Fractal.
Fractal Download site.

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