November 3, 2012

Computer/Photography Group

Hi Photographers,
The meeting next Tuesday at 10:30 is about photography. Attached are a few pictures of a waterfall that demonstrate how changing your camera settings away from automatic to partial manual can really set the mood you want to portray.
These pictures were taken with my DSLR but the smaller cameras of today all have the controls needed to achieve the same results.
I will show the settings used here and if you bring your cameras and manuals we will search for the settings on your camera.
I want to also do a bit of review of the 'Triangle' of ISO, Shutter Speed and Aperture.
The next photographic session after this will be Nov. 20. We discussed earlier about going on photographic field trips, so let's plan on doing that on the 20th. I suggested earlier going to Bright Angel Park but another option is going to the Cowichan Bay Estuary. The salmon are just now coming in which of course attracts eagles, sea lions and the swans also are coming in for the winter. We will discuss this at the meeting.


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