July 24, 2012

Womens Walking Group

A good walk at Eves Park. It was a bit upsy-downsy,but
nice views of Mt Sicker and the farmlands below when
we reached the top.Some were brave and entered a cave
on the way down.Joan spoke of types and names of
plants in the park garden,which she helped plant some
time ago.The piece of restored railroad track we saw on
the trail has an interesting history of transporting tram
cars full of copper from Lenora and Tyee mines on Mt.
Sicker to Crofton.Russell Farm Market was a stop for
coffee on the way back.A welcome to Loris who joined
the walking group this monday.Thank you Rouhi for
driving.We will meet at the Legion at 9:30 am. next
monday the 30th.for a drive to Chemainus for our walk,
then on to Bonnie Martins for lunch.   V.M.

Mt Sicker in the backgound

Joan enters the cave

An almost transparent Indian Pipe

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