June 10, 2012

Computer/Photography Group

Hello All,
We will talk photography at our June 12 meeting. Here is what to expect.
1) The pictures at the library are down and accounted for. I will bring the ones I have at home with me and the rightful owners can take them away.
2) Our photo theme for this meeting is "Nautical". Let's see what pictures each of us have for that.
3) I purchased a camera at our Garage Sale. I'll bring it in - it is a Polaroid with a lot of accessories. ($3.00).
4) I have a request. For those of you posting to the Blog, can you write down briefly what you do to Post. Maybe we can get a procedure down so we can refer to it when we run into difficulties. Also if some other group leaders want to start posting we can give them a written instruction sheet.
5) I retrieved my first digital camera Nikon Coolpix 995 which I bought in 2001 and have rediscovered how well it takes Macro pictures. I'll bring that in. For those with new cameras, can you give us a report of what you feel is good and/or bad about it?
Here are some Macro pictures.
Insect on Buttercup

Iris flower

Chives flower

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