February 10, 2012

Computer/Photography grp

Hello All,
Here is the Agenda for our Computer session next Tuesday.
1. Did you know the new services our library is offering? You can borrow the usual printed materials but they also allow you to borrow eBooks in audio or text form which then can be heard or read on your computer or other electronic devices. 
Just this month another feature has been introduced. You can now download music to your electronic device for free and it is yours to keep. We will go through the process of how to set this up.
2. Have you ever wondered how fast your ISP(Internet Service Provider) and your computer download and upload. I found 2 sites that allow you to test and see the results. See an example of one, above.
3. Photography stuff: Just Framing in Duncan right now is offering great deals for 20 x16 frames and mattes. I will give you the details on Tuesday.


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