September 16, 2011

Computer/Photography grp

Our next Tuesday's meeting(Sept 20) will be on Photography. Some of you worked on the assignment I gave this summer, so bring in the pictures you have on the Summer Challenge themes. For those of us that did not do it - well you are not off the hook so to speak, but let's do it in slow motion with one theme a meeting. With that in mind the first theme is "Solitary". Take a picture that is appropriate for this theme.
Attached are examples of the 12 other themes.
Further from our meeting last Tuesday:
- CVRecycle (Cowichan Valley Recycle)
these are groups in Yahoo that I belong to and have used. The first group does not allow any selling (free stuff only) whereas on the second group items are bought and sold. These are both local groups, meaning from Nanaimo south to the Malahat.
You do however need to open up a Yahoo account to take full advantage of these groups.

Themed Challenges

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