June 14, 2011

Womens Walking

We walked the estuary then went on to the other side of the bridge over the
Cowichan River,exploring different trails along the way.We came upon an
interesting field where jousting tournaments take place as they did in
medieval times.There were various structures and what appeared to be a
viewing platform where the gentry might be seated.We also saw a bird house
with a red carpet entry.(ribbon)We ate lunch by the river where the beach
was covered in wildflowers.This year there are many trees covered in
caterpillars.It is amazing how they can strip all the leaves from a tree.
We did 9 K and were quite ready for the ride home. Next week monday
the 21st.we will drive to Spectacle Lake and then on to the Aerie(resort)
to do some walking there also.Bring a lunch and meet at the Legion at
9:30 am.   V.M.

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