January 14, 2019

Men's Walking Group

Fourteen of us walked about 7 Km today behind the Legion along a couple of bush trails and the Bamberton-Haul Road.  Temperature when we started was very close to zero degrees.  Bought coffee at the Shawnigan Coffee House and drank it across the street where it was warmer.  Map and photos below.  --  DeNNis.

We walked from the Legion (bottom right) in a clockwise path down to the Bambeton-Haul Rd, to the far end (bottom left), back to the other end (top right) and back up to the Legion.

Off we go down behind the Legion.

Fortunately some kind souls put these little boardwalks over
some of the areas that tend to get wet.

Some art work (painted rocks)
put into the woodpecker holes.

The marker for a trail we used to
take down into the gulley.
I called it "Fern Hollow".

This display has been here for 2 or 3 years or more.
Someone has been taking good care of it.

What is left of some of the old Mountain Bike trail structure.

Looks like a large tree fell over the trail here.  Probably during
the recent wind storm.


From where we came.

The Bamberton-Haul Rd stops here at Shawnigan Creek.
It resumes on the other side.  It is fenced for safety reasons.

Missed a couple of good shots of the Llama and Alpacas here
due to a dead camera battery.

Time to turn and head back the other way.

Shadows ahead ---

-- and behind us.

Looking up under one of the power line towers.

The horse usually comes for a handful of grass but he 
decided to skip it today.

Natures paint brush coloured the grass.

Some ones unique idea to keep our feet dry.

Some one decorated this tree a few
years back but failed to undecorate
after Christmas.

Another tree addition (up close

Back where we started.  Another new walker on the right  --
Dan has joined our walking group.

January 7, 2019

Men's Walking Group

A cool, frosty morning.  Had to watch our step as some streets were quite slippery.  Fourteen of us walked about 7 Km today before a warm up stop at Tim Hortons.  Map and photos below.  --  DeNNis.

Parked the cars on Deloume Rd above Tim Hortons (top).  Walked down through Mill Bay Center, up Partridge Rd, over to and up Frayne Rd where we did a counter-clockwise loop to check out the latest phase of Mill Springs, then back down to Deloume and Tim's for coffee.

On Partridge Rd heading to the path over to Sea View.  In front
is Bill, a new walker who joined the group today.

Down the path to Sea View Rd.

The water wheel which marks the border between Deer Park and
Mill Springs.  There is a carving depicting the water wheel in the
YSAG room at the Malahat Legion.

Always have to get some photos of this yard on the way past.

Rest stop to check out progress of latest phase of Mill Springs.

Mother Nature has been at it again.

Interesting cloud formation.

This unique tree makes an interesting photo.

A steep switchback in the trail.

Even on a cool day it is a beautiful walk.

One of those trees growing over the

Brentwood playing field on Deloume  RdThe sun has only
melted the frost on one side of the field.

Must be coffee time after an enjoyable walk!

December 17, 2018

Men's Walking Group

Six of us walked about 8 km around Swan Lake Nature Park and then up onto Christmas Hill.  Some low fog but mostly clear skies and NO rain.  Finished up by meeting Brook, Bob, Denis L and Jim at the Carriage House Pub on Fort St for a brew and a nice lunch.  --  DeNNis.

Parked in the Swan Lake Nature  Center lot (center near right), did a clockwise loop around Swan Lake Park, then up and across McKenzie Ave up the trail to Christmas Hill Park.  Climbed about 80 meters from Swan Lake Park to the top of Christmas Hill.

The new floating walkway on Swan Lake.  Looks like a recycled
plastic finish.

Had to add this because of the colouring.

The new walk goes across the end of Swan Lake.

A couple of ducks feeding.

Some interesting bridges on parts of the trail.

A unique tree growing several upright branches.

Another neat bridge.

Lots of water droplets on the bushes hanging on for life.

Some interesting trees noticed along the way.


A portion of the old boardwalk.

Crossing McKenzie Ave on the way up to Christmas Hill.

Part of the stone walkway up Christmas Hill.

Reaching the summit of Christmas Hill.

360 degree views from the top.

Something to see in all directions.

Starting back down.

Watch your step - the trail could be precarious.

Some odd tree growth - especially the Arbutus.

Looks like we are being watched as we descend.

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