August 12, 2019

Men's Walking Group

Ten of us braved the Bob-O-Link Trail today.  It made for an interesting walk of about 6 Km.  Lots of photos and a map below.  --  DeNNis.

We started at the Legion (top right).  Across the road, up through Cairn Park to Wilmot Ave.  Then a large clockwise loop, stopping for coffee at Shawnigan Coffee House (top near left)  and across the road back up to Wilmot Ave for some more uphill exercise and down through Cairn Park back to the Legion.

The younger ones played on the new kids equipment--

While the older guys just checked it out.

A bit of a climb up through Cairn Park.

A nice new sign on Wilmot Ave.

A few Blackberries to feast on.

Lots of painted rocks along Bob-O-Link Trail.

No shortage of water at this house.

Past the Tree House.

Some fairly rough trail areas.

Mother Nature was having fun with this rotten stump.

Notice how these trees leaned over to
accommodate the walkers??

More art work along the trail.

Cowichan Cricket Club.

The opposite side of the house with plenty of water.

Time to make tracks.

-Anybody need a tow??

CVRD Wharf.

A fisherman oblivious to the commotion above.

A lone water skier on the lake.


August 5, 2019

Men's Walking Group

Ten of us brave souls ignored the sweltering heat today to walk about 9 Km along the Cowichan Valley Trail.  I guess you could call the theme of the walk, "Where have all the flowers gone?"  Along the way we decided to visit an area where previously we had seen a bunch of trees cut for telephone poles.  --  DeNNis.

The top yellow trace is our driving route out Renfrew Rd.  We parked the cars where the Cowichan Valley Trail crosses Renfrew Rd (top left).  I  noted the Kinsol Trestle location further up in that corner of the map.  We walked from there to where we had seen a bunch of trees cut for poles.  Then we headed back along the same route with a short detour along Oland Rd .

Shadows are always interesting subjects.

A nice home for the horse.

One of a few gates where traffic crosses the trail.

Rest time!

Queen Annes Lace(?)

End of the flower season??

Still lots of green in spite of the heat.

An example of the trees
cut for poles.

Some miniature humans in contrast.

Not too much green here.

This looked

An interesting old time fence covered in moss.
Does this keep the bears out of the garbage can?

My version of a "Selfie."

We did sit beside some beautiful "Indian Paint Brush"
when we stopped for coffee at Shawnigan Coffee House.