Busy Hands

Busy Hands

Busy Hands is a YSAG group of knitters and  crocheters that meet in the YSAG room on Friday afternoon between 1:30 to 4:00 pm all through the year. We average 7 members each week and do our own thing usually for a charity, and for ourselves. As a group we knit or crochet toques, slippers, scarves lap quilts, wheel chair quilts, wash cloths, teddy bears and sweaters for local care facilities, the food bank, and to Canada Comforts/Compassionate Warehouse. Last year(2018) we donated over 200 toques, 67 afghans, 100 wash cloths, 37 teddy bears, 140 hats for the Purple Hat Campaign plus other items. As of the end of May(2019) we have donated 7 baby quilts, 33 lap/wheelchair quilts, 169 toques, 8 scarves, 14 teddy bears, 6 sweaters and 202 wash cloths.
New members and donations of yarn are welcome.

Loris Sprinkling

Busy Hands at work!

Some of the results of Busy Hands!

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